Why Video Marketing? Getting With the Times.

Did you know that Youtube is now the #2 search engine on the internet?  That’s right, it surpassed Yahoo and is second in number of searches behind its sister entity– Google –  the undisputed 800 lb gorilla of the web search business.  The trend towards video will only increase and i envision videos taking over the internet very shortly.

         If you are still not convinced,  check out these facts

  •  Soaring Statistics:  A whopping 41  percent of adults in the US watch online videos.
  •  Grabbing Attention:   When was the last time you read a 1000 word article?  I’m willing to bet you watch more videos and more often these days, correct?  If you are like me,  you now have an ipad/smartphone and you watch videos throughout the day to get information, weather, news stories, etc.  This increase has coincided with the increase of wi-fi just about everywhere, much of it for free., such as at McD’s, Starbucks, Malls, etc.
  •  Most of  Mobile Apps Now Share Videos:  Mobile phone chat apps, such as Facebook messenger and WhatsApp continue to captivate people and increase their worldwide user bases. Fifty billion messages will be sent in 2014 through these apps, according to ibitimes.co.uk. And most of these messages will be in a video format.
  • EZ Creation and Editing. There are hundreds of apps and devices now that can create, edit and upload amazing videos easily and almost instantaneously.  Just check out the popular apps on googleplay or apple app store.
  •  Video Review and  Information. There is now a huge trend for people and products to make videos to exllain of promote just about everything.  If you need to know, your first instinct is to watch the video.
  •  Email Videos Improve Click Through Rates: By simply mentioning the word “video” in an email subject line, click-through rates were increased by 7  to 13 percent, according to the 2012 Experian Digital Marketing Trend Report.

            So, these days, with attention spans decreasing and videos increasing,  readers are impatient to read a 1000 word article or even a 500 word article.  If an image is worth a thousand words, then a great video is worth its weight in gold to drive HUGE traffic to your site.   Video marketing is a must. End of story!

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